12 Podcasts to Add Ammo to Your Inner Glow

Baggage Reclaim

Baggage. How many of us have some? Grab a glass of wine and unpack your baggage with Natalie Lue's weekly Baggage Reclaim podcast. Lue's podcast serves 'big sister' inspiration for dealing with boundaries, breakups, and otherwise maintaining healthy relationships with yourself and others. Find her exhaustive list of blog posts here. Now, to all the 'Bag Ladies' that missed their bus, proceed to the 'Baggage Reclaim' area.

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F-F-F-F-Future Faked?

Stop Asking For Permission To Have Boundaries

Stop Over-Apologising!

Some Crumbs Isn’t Better Than No Crumbs

& Blog Posts

How To Tell Someone You’re Not Interested Without Ghosting

The only people who take issue with you having boundaries, are the ones who need your boundaries the most

You Cannot Be An Equal In Your Relationships If You Treat Dating Like An Audition

Why He’s Not An Assclown Because He Broke Up With You/Doesn’t Want a Relationship

Bag Ladiez

Speaking of baggage, listen to these two Afro-Latina storytellers from the Bronx to uplift yourself and your heavy baggage off your back. Topics range from sex-positivity, confidence and esteem, to pop culture. Listen now!

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AMERICA Is Good In Theory But Not In Practice

You Should Look at Yourself Naked Sometimes featuring INNER HOE UPRISING

The Courtney Sanders Show

'Cause I'm BOSSY. Welcome to the haven of self-possessed and entrepreneurial black women. Sanders serves wellness with down-to-earth candor on several fronts: personal development, entrepreneurship, self-care, finance, lifestyle, and faith. Hurry and check out her blog and podcast!

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Looks DO Matter - The Role Of Appearance And Success

The Real Reason You're Not Getting What You Want in Life

Stop Being So Safe: You Can't Be Average and Amazing at the Same Time

The #1 Key to Becoming a Self-Disciplined Person

The Art of Being a Self-Possessed Woman Revisited

Ballin' on a Budget: How to Build Wealth on a Small Salary with Ashley Copeland

Time for a Change? My New Approach to Time-Management

Gettin' Grown

With hilarity and pop culture commentary, Jade & Keia teach you how to adult with their weekly podcast series, Gettin' Grown. I'd recommend this podcast for black women in their mid-20s or 30s who are gettin' things gathered. Find their SoundCloud podcast here!

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I'm Not Your Superwoman: All About Self Care Feat: Adama Hamadi

I Wonder What Stresses Beyoncé Out

These Are My Titties, Govern Yourselves Accordingly

Vulnerability: What is it and Why is it so Hard?

Ratchet & Respectable

Demetria L. Lucas is a sociocultural commentator and author of the books entitled Don't Waste Your Pretty and A Belle in Brooklyn. With Ratchet & Respectable, Lucas gives a humorous take on dating, singlehood, and popular culture topics ranging from the Met Gala and Ayesha Curry's comments to anxiety and white supremacy. Listen here!

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The Ayesha Curry Conundrum

The Curious Un-Blackness of Kamala Harris

You're ****ing Cancelled!

Homecoming, Homegoing, & Hard Choices

Brown Ambition

No romance without finance. That's what we usually say (or should at least). But with Mandi and Tiffany's Brown Ambition podcast, we can have our cake and eat it too. This one is for the professional black woman in their 20s and 30s who want to improve their financial standing and become their true brown boss self. Listen here!

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Holla, We Want Prenup!

How Employers Leave Black Workers Behind

The Power in P---- People Off

When You Have To Be Your Own Best Advocate

The upsides of being a breadwinning woman

Analog Girl Podcast

LaToya D. is the sole creator of the Analog Girl Podcast and uses the podcast as a vehicle for sharing her experiences with anxiety and depersonalization. Achieve wellness with LaToya D. and work through the various types of abuse with her discussions. Now go forth and become an 'Analog Insider.'

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Comparison Anxiety + Self Confidence W/ Jerome Wiggins

Unwanted Emotions & Vulnerability Anxiety

Dwayne Wayne And Whitley's Relationship Was Toxic?!?!?

What The Hell Is Imposter Syndrome?! + How To Overcome It with Stefanie The Life Architect