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6 Virtual Wellness + Biz Memberships for Black Women

One thing Black Women will do, if nothing else, is create a sisterhood. If nothing else. If you’ve ever watched ForHarriet on YouTube, Kimberly Foster has previously talked about the culture of self-improvement as an underlying facet of black womanhood. I can’t think of any other group of people that has an innate sense of self-betterment like US. Ms. Foster hasn’t missed on that one. Just look at the communities we build for ourselves and everyone else. Social media is making it easier than ever. With Rona still rampaging through the streets, she’s created a new beast: virtual wellness. We were already on the way to this new avenue but it’s even more important for our physical and mental health. These trailblazing online communities are redefining the meaning of being a well Black Woman. Take a look below.

Breathe by OMNoire

OMNoire is an online community for black women to become holistically well. From travel and fitness to love and food, their OM Journal has your back.

Here’s What They Do:

  • Host annual virtual wellness retreats

  • Host wellness meetups in cities across the country

  • Sell wellness merchandise

Ethel’s Club

Social wellness has a brand new definition. Ethel’s Club is sitting right under it in the dictionary. Amidst all the chaos of BLM, Ethel’s Club is the oasis.

Here’s What They Do:

  • Host Book Clubs

  • Provide BIPOC creatives a self-care

  • Support BIPOC artists

The Power Circle

This online community is a bit unique since they only have a Facebook group available (as far as I know). However, you can connect with other black women interested in running a business! With a community well over 6,000 you can promote and learn plenty from like-minded, experienced women.

The BAUCE Squad

In the era of the girl boss, BAUCE Mag brings us the upgrade of all time. They bring us The BAUCE Squad. This is for the self-made black woman looking to amp up her business with resources and connections.

Here’s What They Do:

  • Share women’s empowerment events (without the scams).

  • Connect ambitious women to like-minded women

  • Host masterclasses and workshops with known entrepreneurs

  • Share job and career information and advice

Pretty Girls Sweat

The founder, Aeshia Branch, founded Pretty Girls Sweat in NY as a solution for childhood obesity. She empowers young women to take control of their health by encouraging movement and sisterly accountability.

Here’s What They Do:

  • Host Fitness parties on campuses across the country

  • Ambassador and internship program for college students and graduates

  • Sell athletic wear and fitness merchandise

The Circle

A wellness community by Black Girl in OM, the wellness OG. The link will send you to their Thinkific course! Getcha mind right with The Circle.

Here’s What They Do:

  • Guided meditations

  • Affirmations and journaling

  • Intention setting exercises, and more.

These online communities are built by Black Women who have been doing the damn thing. When you’re on your grind you’ll some folks around you who represent your goals and aspirations. Which community are you most likely to join? What communities would you like to see added to this list?

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