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9 Podcasts for Self-Loveeeeeee and Affection

We all deserve to feel loved. Love from friends and family is amazing but the love of self is supreme. Radical self-acceptance is necessary for each of us to cope with this unpredictable life. As a fact of life and existence, you deserve to feel positive feelings about yourself. You don’t have to do anything extra. Ain’t no awards for that. No class or webinar will fill up your cup. Consume in the direction of your best self. Below are several podcasts that you can guiltlessly indulge in during your free time.

Baggage Reclaim

Natalie Lue is a relationship guru and truth-teller who inspires millions to achieve a healthy amount of esteem through evidence-based practices. Boundaries, breakups, and baggage galore, this collection of 250+ podcast sessions hits just about every challenge you may come across in friendships, dating, and exclusive romance. Dig into the depths of your circle with relatable, thought-provoking, and life-changing advice from Natalie, the Big Sister you didn’t know you needed.

Try these episodes:

It’s Not Our Job to Meet Our Parents’ Expectations

What Does Punching Below Our Weight in Dating & Relationships Mean?

It Will Take More Than One Attempt to Communicate Your Boundaries. Keep Going!

About Giving Second Chances Because You Think Your Boundaries Are ‘Better’

The Courtney Sanders Show

Courtney Sanders is known as a public speaker for the millennial audience and a transparent Women’s Empowerment coach, especially for Black women in the entrepreneurship space. As a top podcaster, you can expect Courtney to endow you with her anecdotes of personal improvement and spirituality intertwined with measurable, pragmatic advice for you to build your business as well. If you want to delve into business with some notes for spiritual self-care, Courtney is your girl.

Try these episodes:

Do You Believe You’re Worth It?

This Unpopular Money Mindset Will Make You Wealthy

How to Invest in Your Business and Actually Get a Return

Brown Girls in Luxury Entrepreneurship Edition

Unf*ck Your Brain

If you’re on this webpage, you’re most likely a high-achieving boss with a passion for empowering other women. Thing is, you also likely deal with self-doubt, imposter syndrome. With Kara Loewentheil’s brand child, you come into a more positive self-view where you are wholly qualified for love, acceptance, and achievement. Kara will guide you through self-actualization with science-based habits that are easy to implement.

Try these episodes:

Thoughts Are Temporary

Everyone Needs a Prenup & Other Money Mistakes

How to Know When Emotional Difficulty is Worth It

Confidence, Insecurity, and the Worst Date I Ever Went On

The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself About Your Life

Balanced Black Girl

Les created the Balanced Black Girl podcast out of a need for Black women to put themselves first. In doing so, she’s thoughtfully crafted a safe space, a collective of mindful wellness experts that delve into new wellness practices for the community. Balanced Black Girl amplifies the voices, the needs, and the wants that Black and brown women have but do not necessarily act on. With Les, you find the freedom to have your needs come first, and spiritual guides to lead you on your journey towards healthy selfishness.

Try these episodes:

Being Multi-Passionate + Betting on Yourself is Self-Love with Asha Bromfield

Reframing Your Relationship with Exercise with Lauren Leavell

How to Let Go of People-Pleasing Behaviors with Tiffany Hall

Connecting with Your Inner Child and Intuition to Strengthen Your Relationships with Mari Roberts

Episode 106: Having A Healthy Relationship with Yourself + Breaking Through the Self-Development Trap

Black Girl Experiences

Jasmine Danielle created a space to share her own journey towards spiritual awakening. Through her podcast, Black Girl Experiences, she empowers women to reach their full potential by awakening their inner divine feminine energy. With unapologetic candor and compassion, Ms. Jasmine Danielle keeps it coming with the skills you need to be your best self to you and those around you.

Try these episodes:

Get Your Communication Skills Up

Experience is the Test

Better Decisions Better Me

Putting My Problems in Perspective

Do You F***ing Mind?

A new badass mindset for the badass bitch, the Do You F*****g Mind? Podcast is sure to dole out growth hacks for growth, self-love in the context of actual neuroscience. Alexis Fernandez is passionate about getting you to not give a fuck about what other people think and what other people need from you. You come first, badass. So get a mindset morsel from Alexis and keep this podcast on replay in your playlist.

Try these episodes:

Why Independence Will Increase Self-Love

Are You Setting the Bar Too Low?

The Reason You Are Insecure and How to Change It

Self-Love - Working on Your Self-Efficacy

The Self Love Fix

Beatrice Kamau is changing the self-love game with her podcast The Self Love Fix. This podcast is a byproduct of her experiences and talents from being an embodiment coach, mentor, and teacher. Aside from the podcast, she has founded the The Self Love Over Codependency program from those with near-pathological people-pleasing behaviors. This podcast will launch you into a newfound sense of self-worth that will kill self-doubt with a quickness.

Try these episodes:

Warning Signs That You’re Doing Too Much

How to Attract Emotionally Available Men

What No One Tells You About Having High Standards

Why I Don’t Believe Settling is a Real Thing

It’s Not That There Are No Good Men, It Might Be That You Don’t Believe You Can Have One

Happy Black Girl Podcast

Rosetta Thurman has developed a podcast that intertwines strategy with inspiration to push you towards your best life. Each episode is thought-provoking and will get you from manifestation to doing the work. You can have the business you need and the life you want. All you need is a lil push from Rosetta.

Try these episodes:

The #1 Belief Holding You Back From Getting What You Want

4 Mistakes That Sabotage Black Women in Business

Creating Your Ideal Life by Stopping Self-Sabotage

4 Steps to Becoming the Kind of Woman Who Gets Everything She Wants

The Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is a spirituality phenom making self-actualization accessible with her podcast, Highest Self. Transform yourself you have to be real with yourself, question yourself, and come to terms with yourself. The Highest Self Podcast gives you a vehicle to transform your lens and come into a new you.

Try these episodes:

How to Manifest Anything

What Does True Success Mean to You?

How to Stop Being Overly Responsible

Questioning Your Beliefs to Become Free

Which of these podcasts fit your vibe? Who are you when your worth isn’t attached to some external validator?

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