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Why I'm Switching to Flodesk...Indefinitely.

Shortly, after creating this blog, I learned about the importance of having an email list. When shit hits the fan and you’re not able to access your social media or lose followers somehow. How will you continue to stay in touch with even a fraction of your audience? This is why emails are golden tickets to biz security. You’ll always be able to reach your audience and market your products when you have an email list.

My first choice for an email marketing software was MailChimp. However, I didn’t think it was as up-to-date and visually appealing to the Millenials as it could’ve been. So I switched to Flodesk. Here’s why.

Sexier templates.

Mailchimp lost a couple of points for me for its lack of smooth user experience. With Flodesk, I love sending my audience emails knowing that the templates are appealing enough that they may look forward to opening them. Using MailChimp’s inline embedded signup forms didn’t feel as attractive as the templates I get with Flodesk.

It’s ridiculously affordable.

I got maybe 2 weeks' worth of free use before having to pay $19/month for unlimited EVERYTHING. Ev-er-y-thang? EV-ER-Y-THANG. Welcome sequences, forms you can embed, and intuitive user experience. It almost feels illegal to only be able to pay $19/month to have this kind of access. I hope they keep it this way. ConvertKit and MailChimp had some complicated pricing tiers that made it difficult for me to choose them for anything other than a basic free plan. So glad I found out about Flodesk.

It integrates well with my Wix account.

I didn’t want to completely overhaul my current website to change to another platform that worked with ConvertKit or Mailchimp. Using Zapier, I was able to create a third-party connection between my accounts to streamline my email list building process. I didn’t have to change all the forms on Wix or switch platforms. Want to learn how I did it? Pre-order my course for $29.99. I'll show you all the tips and tricks I learned to connect the two platforms. All you have to do is subscribe to our email list. The course will officially be published on June 20th, 2020.

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