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This Black Owned Company Has the Most True-to-Afro-Texture Weaves Yet

The struggle is over. Kinda. These two companies below are ahead of the weave game when it comes to getting Black women weaves closer to our actual hair textures. Where’s the sense in installing weave that can’t match your edges? Looks like the Asian hair supply stores are going to have to catch up in the near future. Check this company out.

To All My Black Girls

Anu Obe founded To All My Black Girls in the UK as an ode to the lack of representation for Black women in her own predominantly white community. Shortly after her internal and external struggles with the typical growing pains for Black girls, she sought out to lift others up in her journey towards to self-love and love of her natural Blackness. To Ally My Black Girls debuted with natural textured hair extensions that are easily blended with natural hair without any heat or extensive manipulation. The store has each type of extension required for the Fly Girl’s look: accessories, ponytails, clip-ins, wefts, wigs, and even frontals. When you shop with To All My Black Girls, you’ll be sure to enjoy a 60-day warranty with each luxury purchase, the option of next day and worldwide shipping, and a free in-house color service when you leave a Google comment.

Shop To All My Black Girls Here

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